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"Bluff Country Canine Rescue" and she helps dogs that don't have homes find really GOOD homes where the people love them and take excellent care of them, and they get to live IN THE HOUSE and everything! Since I was brought to the Rescue, Mom had to pay the "Adoption" fee so that she could keep me forever. She says that I was worth every cent!
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Friday, May 18, 2012

A Very Important Message for a Very Important Day...

 A message from the ASPCA

Today (May 19) is "Armed Forces Day".  A day to recognize those who selflessly serve our Country.  Let's not forget some very important members of the armed forces who lay their lives on the line right next to the men and women of our military or sometimes, INSTEAD of risking the lives of our brave men and women. 

German Shepherd

Our pets play very special roles in our lives, and their importance to us is reflected in our nation’s anti-cruelty laws and other measures enacted for the good of companion animals. But because their roles are so different, working animals (like service dogs) often are not afforded the same protections as pets. At the ASPCA, we are always working to close this gap.
You can help by urging your Congress members to cosponsor and pass the following federal bill that would extend critical protections to military dogs

Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act

Purpose: To classify military working dogs as "canine members of the armed forces" instead of "equipment," establish adoption policies for retired dogs, create a non-profit entity to raise funds for retired dogs' veterinary care, and to establish a formal means to honor dogs killed in action or who show exceptional courage in the line of duty.

Why Now? Saturday, May 19 is Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day is fast approaching—what better time to recognize all those who selflessly serve our country?

U.S. S. 2134—Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act

Sponsor:   Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)
ASPCA Position: Support
 Action Needed: Call and email your U.S. senators in Washington, D.C., and urge them to cosponsor the Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act. Military working dogs

(MWDs) help keep us safe and perform important tasks that can be difficult, if not impossible, for humans. Unfortunately, they are currently classified as “equipment” by the U.S. Department of Defense. This classification not only trivializes these animals’ contributions, it also makes it difficult to transport dogs serving in foreign lands back to the United States for adoption once they’re ready for civilian life. Additionally, retired MWDs often require expensive veterinary care for health issues related to their service. While the ASPCA recognizes the value of incorporating animals in the military, we believe military animals should be treated humanely every step of the way—from training right through retirement. Our government’s commitment to these heroic animals’ well-being must extend beyond the period of military service. In order to better recognize their contributions, the Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act will reclassify MWDs as “canine members of the armed forces” (instead of “equipment”) and will institute programs to assure their health and well-being after retirement from service—all without using federal funds.

 What You Can Do.  The House of Representatives is moving forward with this provision, and now we need the Senate to act as well. Please take two quick actions today:

1) Use the email below to contact your two U.S. senators and urge them to cosponsor the Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act. Please customize your message in the space provided.

2) Follow up with brief phone calls to your senators in Washington, D.C. Tell them that you are their constituent and ask that they cosponsor S. 2134, the Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act. Find your senators’ names and phone numbers here.

On behalf of our nation’s military working dogs, thank you!

And to all of the Brave Men & Women AND  Canines who sacrifice so much to protect our freedom we THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!


  1. I'm all for giving these pups the recognition they deserve! I applaud those who are stepping up to keep these pups safe and making sure they have homes after they have served and made such a difference!!

  2. It's clearly the "RIGHT" thing to do!


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