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My name is Hero.
My Mom rescued me when I was found wandering around in the countryside during the wintertime. Someone called my Mom to tell her that a "strange dog" (that's what they called ME!) had been hanging around their house for three weeks and asked if my Mom would take it. Of course, she said "Of course!" Mom runs
"Bluff Country Canine Rescue" and she helps dogs that don't have homes find really GOOD homes where the people love them and take excellent care of them, and they get to live IN THE HOUSE and everything! Since I was brought to the Rescue, Mom had to pay the "Adoption" fee so that she could keep me forever. She says that I was worth every cent!
Because I am such a NICE dog, I let the other dogs that Mom has rescued talk on MY BLOG once in a while.
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Regaining Control...

HERO here.
I think I've been MORE than generous about sharing my blog with the other canines in residence.  But it seems to me that JD has been hogging the space a bit lately!  Time for a little more of ME!

It was a gorgeous day here, yesterday, so Mom sat out in the pasture and took LOTS of pictures of me.

You can click on any of the pictures and they magically get BIGGER!
That one is me and one of my sheep.
I like to run at the fence and bark at her.

Don't worry, she doesn't get scared.
In fact, she runs at the fence and tries to BUTT me through the fence!
Goofy sheep!

How'd JD get in here???
Talk about GOOFY!
He ran back and forth along the fence line for about an hour!


Cricket was on a mission, to collect BIG sticks!

I kid you not:
I think Mom could hire Cricket out!

Wait a minute.
I seem to have lost control here!
This is supposed to be about ME!


And NOT Cricket!

Then again,
I guess I don't really mind sharing...

As long as we remember WHOSE blog this is!!!


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  2. It looks like fun! Great action shots!
    Bella and DiDi

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