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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The "Rest of the Story" about a Viral Video

This POOR dog!
 Meet Clarke, the Star of the Ultimate Dog Tease
I think this is ABUSE!
His human should be prosecuted...

 Mom says that this video has "gone viral" (what ever the heck THAT means!) and that everybody has probably already seen it, but she let me post it here to give a different point of view.  Plus, she said that she CRACKS UP EVERY TIME SHE SEES IT!   I don't think she quite gets it...

If you want to know more about the story (I guess the dog actually has a pretty good life and his owner really does love him).  Heck, he's even got his own Facebook page!   Mom found this, this morning:

Meet Clarke, the Star of the Ultimate Dog Tease

Published: May. 23, 2011
Subject: The Maple Kind
Category: Dog People's Choice

Just who is that adorable dog that has skyrocketed to fame thanks to the “Ultimate Dog Tease” video in which he’s tortured by the talk of bacon (the maple kind) and such. It’s Clark. Clark Griswold is his full name and he’s a 2-1/2 year old Dutch Shepherd mix (a rescue pup!) residing in Colorado.
With 28 million (and counting) views of the video on YouTube, a recent feature on Good Morning America and other news outlets, and other press, what about this pup has enamored online video watchers – whether they’re dog lovers or not? That’s easy – he’s adorable, his earnest expression is as sweet as can be, he’ll make you smile, and it’s very likely he ‘says’ just what dogs may if they could talk to us.
Visit Clark’s Faceboook page (of course he has one), where you’ll find photos of him, including a sweet puppy pic, and can read comments from his adoring fans. And you’ll also learn a little more about Clark, namely his ‘Personal Interests’ include: steak, cheese, duck jerky, elk stew, and “whatever my mom and dad will share with me!” That’s not all – he also loves to play ball.
The “Ultimate Dog Tease” video was created by Andrew Grantham, who hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia and matches voice-overs to people’s pet videos as a hobby. That being said, Clark is not his dog, and according to an interview, he belongs to a Colorado family who sent him the video. Needless to say, Grantham and Clark have newfound and much deserved fame. Take a look at the video if you haven't yet, and you'll certainly agree.
The Scoop:
Check out Clark Griswold's Facebook page....
...and his official online store (a portion of the proceeds go to the Colorado Puppy Rescue, where Clark is from).

:All I can say is:  How come I don't get MY own Facebook page???




  1. Oh yah abuse for sure!!! cute though.


  2. I agree with you Jazzi! If I wasn't such an incredibly well behaved dog, I'd probably bite somebody that did that to me. Of course, being the saintly canine that I am, I know that biting is wrong (unless I'm defending my human) and I would never do such a thing.


    (but I'd be AWFULLY tempted!


  3. Yep, we've seen this one and it makes Mum crack up every time, me not so much, I feel sorry for the poor Doggie!! :)

    I hope you're having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)


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