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My name is Hero.
My Mom rescued me when I was found wandering around in the countryside during the wintertime. Someone called my Mom to tell her that a "strange dog" (that's what they called ME!) had been hanging around their house for three weeks and asked if my Mom would take it. Of course, she said "Of course!" Mom runs
"Bluff Country Canine Rescue" and she helps dogs that don't have homes find really GOOD homes where the people love them and take excellent care of them, and they get to live IN THE HOUSE and everything! Since I was brought to the Rescue, Mom had to pay the "Adoption" fee so that she could keep me forever. She says that I was worth every cent!
Because I am such a NICE dog, I let the other dogs that Mom has rescued talk on MY BLOG once in a while.
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Mom says...

Hi Friends!  My Mom says that today is a special day.  Something called "EASTER" Sunday.  I'm not exactly sure what that means but Mom says that we are all very blessed to have been given a chance at living a life filled with love and happiness!  That sounds good to me!

My Mom believes that I have a very special "spirit" (whatever THAT is!) in me.  The spirit of a dog named Rocky that she once shared her life with and that tore a gaping hole in her heart when he passed.  A hole that had never been healed until I came along!  I remember the very first time I met my Mom.  The nice strangers that had been feeding me and trying to find my owners for weeks, took me to my Mom's "rescue"  (that's a place where us dogs that don't have a home anymore get to go.  It's a lot of fun and Mom gives us lots of love!).  The minute the nice man got me out of his car and I saw my Mom's face for the first time, she said:  "That's my dog!  I LOVE him!"  Now don't go spreading this around or anything because people aren't as smart about some things as us dogs are but my Mom said that she knew ~ the very first time she looked into my eyes ~ that "Rocky" is in me.  Of course, I knew that.  Rocky's the one who told me where to go when I didn't have a home anymore so that someone would take me back to my Mom. 

So, Mom's heart is healed now and I'm HOME ~ living the good life with my two beautiful sisters:


and "Sable"

And for Easter, we even got new TOYS!
I'll show you them NEXT TIME...


Have a GREAT day!
Play hard and love much...


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